The eerie tale of “The Keepers” by author Sameena Bachmeier is set to release mid June via Rainy Day Reads Publishing. It is a dark fantasy tale that promises to capture the mind and pry open the doors to your imagination…
The natural course our planet Earth has taken is sheer in utter devastation. Global warming has awakened with full force and over half of the population is in third world poverty or dead already. Lucky for some of us our one world government, known as Grendel had a secret plan. They had discovered years prior of a habitable sister planet in our galaxy that they called Genesis.
In the last days before Earths final destruction Grendel allowed a few hundred of us to board the shuttle and begin our journey to repopulate and thrive on Genesis. Everything went according to plan and I was grateful to have my family included in that plan.
Life was good on Genesis, just like the government had promised. Years of growth and construction allowed us to really build a community in a town we all knew as the Locks. Until our fears were lit once more. The rain that showered our crops had turned to a horrid scaling temperature; the sun that welcomed us with prosperity now burnt those who allowed themselves in it for more than a minute. Life was turned upside-down in a flash as mother nature unleashed her worst on Genesis.
All hope was lost and souls were drowning in despair as we faced an uncertain future yet again. All hearts but one, my own mother Annabelle. She had found an ancient tablet in Eden’s fragile grounds. A tablet that spoke of the devastation and offered a resolve to these unbearable days. The tablet spoke of a sacrifice that had to be given and in return a promise of restoration of the planet Genesis. The only problem was Annabelle was making a deal with Sumeria. An evil witch serpent that she knew nothing of or stopped to consider what she was really putting at stake.
The sacrifice my mother offered was far worse than the townspeople could ever dream she opened the doors to the other unknown realms, letting an unforeseen depth of horror into our lives. Lucky for us living amongst and watching over us were the harmonians, now known as the keepers to us. Kind and magical human-like creatures we never even dreamed existed. Faron was one of them, and the moment I met him and looked into his oceanic blue eyes, I knew he would change my life forever.
I am Mia Boomer and this is my tale.

AVAILABLE MID JUNE 2013 e-book and paperback Via RDRPublishing Inc.