Ich bin ein Dichter

Author of “Resurgius”  -A sophisticated comic novel, written in an arch style, incorporating flashes of wit and underlying compassion for the human condition.  – Releasing summer of 2014 via Rainy Day Reads Publishing Inc. E.M. Schorb is a prizewinning poet and novelist.  As a poet, his Murderer’s Day was awarded the Verna Emery Poetry Prize and published by Purdue University Press; and his collection, Time and Fevers, was the recipient of the Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Award for Poetry and also an Eric Hoffer Award.  Other works include 50 Poems, Hill House New York and The Poor Boy, Dragon’s Teeth Press, in the Living Poets Series.  The title poem was awarded the International Keats Poetry Prize by London Literary Editions, Ltd., judged by Howard Sergeant.  His novel, Paradise Square, received the Grand Prize for Fiction from the International eBook Award Foundation at the Frankfurt Book Fair.  A Portable Chaos was the First Prize Winner of the Eric Hoffer Prize for Fiction.  But Schorb maintains that he is first and foremost a poet, and his poetry has appeared in hundreds of publications, here and abroad. Previously published works: Manhattan Spleen, Prose Poems, Aldrich Press  A Portable Chaos, Revised Edition (novel), Author House  The Ideologues and Other Retrospective Poems, Aldrich Press  The Journey and Related Poems, Aldrich Press Reflections in a Doubtful I (poetry), White Violet Press Carbons, a Career in Letters, Author House Words in Passing (poetry), The New Formalist Press Fortune Island (novel), Cherokee McGhee Time and Fevers, New and Selected Poems, Author House A Fable and Other Prose Poems, Argonne House Press Scenario for Scorsese (novel), Denlinger’s Publishers, Ltd. Paradise Square (novel), Denlinger’s Publishers, Ltd. Murderer’s Day (poetry), Purdue University Press 50 Poems, Hill House New York The Poor Boy and Other Poems, Dragon’s Teeth Press For more links please visit website url:  http://www.emschorb.com

What Children’s Author/Poet X.J Kennedy is already saying about “Resurgius”

    “Resurgius is a quietly hilarious read which, unique though it is, strikes me as belonging to the very league as the comic gems of Evelyn Waugh and Nathaniel West.  It abounds in delectable tongue-in-cheek wit. Your price of admission will be richly repaid by the character of Bettina Battle, a woman with all the subtlety of a battering ram, in hot pursuit of sexual satisfaction from Serge, the dorky antihero.  Among its other distinctions, Resurgius is a masterpiece of style, so skillfully written that it would be hard to change a word without a worsening. This comes as no surprise; Schorb for a long while has stood out among our finer poets, with tremendous assets of imagination, powers of invention, and the ability to polish his words to a sheen. This is a book to give to discerning friends, to cherish on a permanent shelf, and to wolf down immediately, being regaled.”


                                                                                    —X.J. Kennedy – Children’s Author & Poet