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“Miss Clair Voyant’s Coffee House” , based out of Portland Oregon


“Miss Clair Voyant’s Coffee House”

clairvoyant; plural noun: clairvoyants 1. a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

Portland, Oregon. A sanctuary for the majestic Grand Firs, offering quite the soggy climate and steel bridges galore to the local residents. A non-stop puddle heaven for those who dare to splash, and more vegan food trucks than one should ever be exposed to in their lifetime. Also, home to many naturalists who frequent the well known “Clair Voyant’s Coffee House”. A place where one can enjoy a fresh deep Pacific Northwest roast, as well as have their unbeknownst future read by the infamous Miss Clair Voyant. Much is to be said about Miss Clair and her flighty ways, -as well as the true love of her life, Luna – her beloved, ornate princess truffle pig that never leaves the fortune tellers side. Some would even go as far as to say that the truffle pig had more of a fashion wardrobe than dear Miss Clair.
Get lost in a tale of witty romance gone amiss and an obscure clairvoyant’s journey deep in the heart of Portland, where there’s always something brewing at the Clair Voyant’s Coffee House.

Author: Sameena Bachmeier, release date 2019.

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Excited to share, Rainy Day Reads Publishing will be teaming over the next few months with the Portland Radio Project 99.1fm for a literary series showcasing authors, publishing, and live readings from some amazing talented writers, both local and non local. Auditions for readings will be opening soon, more to come in the next month!

Poetry book, “Passing the Veil” by Lela Cintron is available today!


Lela Cintron’s second book of poetry, “Passing the Veil” is now available in paperback.  Contributions by Anna Deleon calligraphy art and Rosanna Di Antonio, cover artist.  Passing the Veil is a collection of memories, poetry, and creative art – a sure pleaser!  Visit our online bookstore to get your copy today.



Author Sameena Bachmeier contributes to Rainy Day Reads #essenceofaudio series with “The Life & Death Laments”

Sameena Bachmeier, Author of  “The Life and Death Laments” joins the #essenceofaudio series with Rainy Day Reads Publishing and it’s authoros.   Illustrations are by the well known Istanbul Artist, Sonia Serpil Aslan.  Together the authors at RDR strive to share their works with free audio recordings of their works!

#essenceofaudio series continues with our Young Adult Author, Abigail Shepherd

Our audio series #theessenceofaudio continues with Author, Abigail Shepherd as she reads from her historical fiction novel, “Victoria’s Victorian Victory”.  Now Available in paperback through our online bookstore link as well as Amazon!

Rainy Day Reads Pub’s lovely Poetess Lela Cintron reads in our project series of Authors #essenceofaudio from her latest work, “Passing the Veil”

Author Lela Cintron reads poetry from her latest book, “Passing the Veil”.  Special thanks to Artist Rosanna Di Antonio, for the artistically stunning illustrations for this book.  Enjoy!

Get your copy of Abigail Shepherd’s Historical Fiction, “Victoria’s Victorian Victory” today!

Abigail Shepherd’s young adult novel “Victoria’s Victorian Victory” is available currently,  add it to your must reads-you won’t be disappointed!

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It’s already started,  see you there! #theessenceofaudio project series


Yong Adult Historical Fiction fans are going to love “Victoria’s Victorian Victory” by Authoress Abigail Shepherd


Author, Abigail Shepherd is 28 and lives with her husband in an inconvenient cottage in the Scottish Highlands. When she’s not writing she enjoys fishing, eating, and napping. “Victoria’s Victorian Victory” is her first novel for young people. She loves connecting with fans on social media: find her on Instagram and Twitter- @abiwriting and follow her blog-

 Victoria’s Victorian Victory – by Abigail Shepherd Young Adult Historical Fiction

Fourteen year old Victoria Bloom is great at having ideas, but they don’t always go to plan. Now her mistakes will have bigger consequences than ever before, as it has fallen to her to run the family farm. With the harvest fast approaching, it’s urgent she makes it profitable again, or they will lose it altogether.

It’s not an easy task, especially with concern for her brother distracting her, not to mention a runaway apprentice boy. Hardest of all, the people she must do business with just don’t take teenage girls seriously. Can she change their minds before her family ends up in the workhouse?

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