Author and Editor Sagar Singh joins Rainy Day Reads Publishing.  Living in the western suburbs of Mumbai, India; Sagar is a romantic at heart. A business analyst by day and a writer by night he has created quite a buzz in the Instagram and Wattpad community with his poems, quotes, proses, articles and short stories in a short span of two years. Find his work on Instagram @the_wandering_writer

Time heals

It’s all about time, my father had said. There are times when you fail, you go through a heartbreak, you get your trust broken or you lose someone you cared about. It’s times like these, you feel you have been thrown into a dark pit, with no hope to see light. You feel that the world would stop spinning because of it; but when you wake up the world is still spinning like nothing happened. And the darkness, its still there; you just get used to it.