Trevor D. Richardson is the founder of The Subtopian, a regular writer and editor for the magazine, and the author of Dystopia Boy from Montag Press.  A west coast man by birth, Trevor was brought up in Texas and has since ventured back west and put down roots in Portland, Oregon. He has devoted his writing career to helping others find success by forming friendships and working relationships with other writers and artists.  Trevor looks for ways to reach across media to other types of creative people to find that place where music, visual art, and literature intersect and is dedicated to creating a new market where new voices can thrive without sacrificing quality or principles.

Trevor has written numerous short stories published in a variety of magazines including Word Riot, Underground Voices, and a science fiction anthology called Doomology: The Dawning of Disasters.

Trevor is also a cover artist for Rainy Day Reads Publishing, cover titles include “Towers of Refuge”.

For writers and other artists with an idea that they think Trevor might be a good fit for, he likes to let people know that his door is always open.  Email questions and proposals to