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Meet Rainy Day Reads Publishing’s Illustrator Sonia Serpil Aslan.

Sonia Serpil Aslan is the illustrator for the upcoming fragmented poetry book release, “The Life and Death Laments” authored by Sameena M. Bachmeier.

Based out of in Istanbul, Turkey, Sonia is well known for her sculpting art series “Amygdala”


Serpil Aslan’s sculptures named called “Amygdala”.

She cites her thoughts about the “Amygdala” as the following;

“The notion of Amygdala is the tonsil shape part of the brain in its simplest form which is the source of the anxiety and the fear. It is the affection centre in the brain. And, “fear” leads them all.

It is the counterpart of the brain in the space as an almond bean. It is located on the left side of the human brain. The left part of the human brain releases happiness at a certain dosage and the right part releases the fear and the unhappiness.

The main problem with regards to the amygdala today or to the reaction of fighting or fighting that arises out of it is the fact that amygdala rings the alarm bells whenever we want to get out of our familiar, secure system. The brain has been designed in such a way that it triggers the fear at a certain level for situations of any kind of a new struggle or an opportunity or a desire. This struggle, whether it is a new job or only meeting with someone for the first time, the amygdalasimulates organs of the body in order to act and our access to the cerebral cortex, which is thinking part of the brain, is restricted and it is even stopped sometimes.

All of us have our senses that we all face but we ignore and which we leave in the dark since we could not own, could not define and do not take out to the day light.The past events that we had gone through are compared with the ones of today and they result in impulsive feelings, behaviours as these are perceived as the same (for example; fear – anxiety -panic attack etc.)I wanted to load all of these senses that are the traumatic memories we have, Flashback (re-experience), childhood traumas, anxiety over to “Amygdala” of people by using them on my sculptures.”