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“Passing the Veil” by Poet Lela Cintron, her second poetry book is in the works..


Lela Cintron’s second book of poetry, “Passing the Veil” is set to release from Rainy Day Reads Publishing in the near future.  Lela’s words relate to her many readers as she reaches from the depths of creative writing to spilling her thoughts onto paper to share with the world.     Screenshot_2016-09-10-13-54-45-1.png


Sagar Singh

Author and Editor Sagar Singh joins Rainy Day Reads Publishing.  Living in the western suburbs of Mumbai, India; Sagar is a romantic at heart. A business analyst by day and a writer by night he has created quite a buzz in the Instagram and Wattpad community with his poems, quotes, proses, articles and short stories in a short span of two years. Find his work on Instagram @the_wandering_writer


Time heals

It’s all about time, my father had said. There are times when you fail, you go through a heartbreak, you get your trust broken or you lose someone you cared about. It’s times like these, you feel you have been thrown into a dark pit, with no hope to see light. You feel that the world would stop spinning because of it; but when you wake up the world is still spinning like nothing happened. And the darkness, its still there; you just get used to it.


Meet our editor Helgaleena Healingline!


Helgaleena Healingline is the nom de plume of a Reformed Druid of North America living quietly in southern Wisconsin USA. Besides acting as editor at Rainy Day Reads and Dark Roast Press Lovers, she runs the Healing Line, 608-255-0504, a helpline ministry outreach which includes distance Reiki, acupressure, nutrition and other advice, CTFT protocols, and listening. Reading and writing erotic fan fiction has helped her to survive upon the face of the planet this far. The transition to original fiction required translating many uncanny life experiences into story form, which she hopes will find their way to the correct readers. Web page: helgaleena – Gravatar Profile

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Rainy Day Reads Publishing’s Poetess Lela Cintron is moving “Into the Further” literally as she takes on the poetry world


Courtesy of The Chicago Tribune News 

Get to know RDR’s Authoress, Lela Cintron – Author of “Into the Further” – Interview with the Chicago Tribune

Janelle WalkerElgin Courier-News

As becoming a poet and getting a book of her poetry published goes, Lela Cintron didn’t arrive at either in a traditional way.

Cintron, 41, of Elgin, says she had never been much of a writer, although friends have told her she wrote poetry back in school, which she doesn’t remember.

But three years ago and after 12 years on medications for bipolar disorder, Cintron began writing as a form of therapy for the disease.

“I didn’t even know that I could,” write poetry until she started, Cintron said.

“Whatever I can’t say, I can write,” Cintron said. “It is that simple. Instead of crying, I write. Instead of getting angry, I write.”

That poetry, however, wasn’t in a journal or in a computer. Cintron said she is technology-challenged.

“My kids say I kill technology,” the mother of four laughed, adding she also has arthritis so it is hard to type on a traditional keyboard.

So, Cintron started writing poetry by typing it onto her phone and posting it to her Facebook profile. Then, she started a page on the social media site just for her musings, and did the same on Instagram.

“I realized I could put things down (in writing) better than I could speak it,” Cintron said.

She found other writers’ works posted online, and began to read the longer pieces and not just the excerpts, Cintron said. She realized she wanted to write more, too, and used Instagram to do that.

She gathered a few followers — about 460 on the site. Her Facebook page for her writing, Scripts Straight from the Vein, has 600 followers.

Then, one of those Instagram followers — a small publisher out of Vancouver, Washington — contacted her through the site last November and asked if Cintron would put her work into a book.

The book, “Into the Further” will be released from Rainy Day Reads Publishing later this spring, Cintron said. The editing process has been back-and-forth for the past three months.

What attracted the publisher to Cintron was “The depth of her emotions in her words.  Her work is stunning and easy to relate to for many,” said Sameena Bachmeier, owner/publications manager for Rainy Day Reads.

The publisher’s website,, has the book available for pre-sale now.

The 150-page book’s cover is a shot of a three-quarter moon — a shot taken by a friend of the moon over Elgin, she said.

Her poetry isn’t all about depression or living with bipolar disorder, Cintron said.

“It is everything. It is love and sadness and scary and recollections … it is a variety. It is not a theme of darkness, not a theme of positivity,” Cintron said.

“But I hope (readers) find themselves in it and can relate,” she said.

She writes about friends and family in her work — and they might recognize themselves in the poetry, Cintron said.

She also writes — mostly in freeform but occasionally in a metered format — about aging.

One of the first things she wrote was about how excited she was to find her first grey hair. Instead of crying about aging, she has embraced it, Cintron said.

“I am excited to become an old lady. With age comes wisdom and I don’t want to go back to my younger years. Some women are afraid of being old and I am not,” she said.

“Do you see how 20 year olds act?” she asked. “They have it all wrong,” because she sees the self-hate because they think they are too fat or too thin or something else is wrong with them.

“I want to shake them … are you kidding me? Do you now how long it takes to become beautiful and earn it? I see young girls who hate themselves, older women who hate themselves. I don’t know how to change that. But maybe if I change that in me, they can change it about them,” she said.

She does write about the bipolar disorder, which started after having children and postpartum depression, she said. But the drugs she took for the disorder would often knock her out — not something that worked for a mom with small children.

Since she started writing, she hasn’t gone back on drugs for the disorder.

Cintron also has a day job — she is a clerk at a Walgreen’s makeup counter.

There, she said, she sees a lot of Elgin moms and women — coming in in their yoga pants and sans makeup.

They are beautiful, Cintron said.

Rather than self-publishing, Cintron is being paid for her work — if not much, she said.

“I don’t mind, I would give it away,” and had been through social media.

“But being able to hold it? I can’t imaging what it will feel like.”

Janelle Walker is a freelance reporter.

Copyright © 2016, Elgin Courier-News

Courtesy of The Chicago Tribune


Cartoon/Comic Artist Rick Sweem teams up with Rainy Day Reads Publishing for 2016 Book Project

Rick Sweem was born in Puyallup WA, and started drawing and painting at the mere age of 5.  In 1999, he started his first professional art work project for skate board and snow boarding videos known as Top  Notch Productions.  Rick traveled up and down the west coast filming the videos are creating art pieces.
In 2000, he did a mural at United Parcel Service -at their Swan Island location.
Rick creates his art projects dabbling in all mediums.
Through the years he has created his own graphic design work for business, logo’s for companies, banners, and even T-shirts.
He enjoys doing custom air brush work on bikes, cars, clothes, and walls- getting his art involved in any way he can!
His strongest influences derive from comics, graphic novels, military art.
Rick Sweem’s illustrated book is set to release Summer of 2016 via Rainy Day Reads Publishing.
*All Images Copyright @RickSweemArt

Poet Elancharan Gunasekaran joins Rainy Day Reads Publishing!

Elancharan Gunasekaran  is an exhibiting artist and poet. He resides in Singapore with his family and cat, Leo. He has a strange love for all that is poetical and Sci-Fi. He is the author of several, modern poetry collections. His poetry works has been published on various international print and online platforms. To view his intriguing array of creative works visit Instagram: @elancharan .


His new poetry book entitled “Chanting Demons” will be available mid 2016 from Rainy Day Reads Publishing.  -The demons, we become. The abominations, we fear. The devils, we dare to follow. Hidden, consumed and tucked away in the darkest recesses of our hearts, we run from. Days become night, the night refuses to end. Humans become demons, we refuse to lay down our madness and die. Begging legacies to live on, immortalized in rock, soil and flesh. The land remembers, minds refuse to forget. We pass it on, in scripts, words, tongues spoken across continents and ages. We deny, the global destruction, ruthless torment and the primal savagery of our kind. In blood, in tears, we remember, the demons we become. 


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