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“Miss Clair Voyant’s Coffee House” , based out of Portland Oregon


“Miss Clair Voyant’s Coffee House”

clairvoyant; plural noun: clairvoyants 1. a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

Portland, Oregon. A sanctuary for the majestic Grand Firs, offering quite the soggy climate and steel bridges galore to the local residents. A non-stop puddle heaven for those who dare to splash, and more vegan food trucks than one should ever be exposed to in their lifetime. Also, home to many naturalists who frequent the well known “Clair Voyant’s Coffee House”. A place where one can enjoy a fresh deep Pacific Northwest roast, as well as have their unbeknownst future read by the infamous Miss Clair Voyant. Much is to be said about Miss Clair and her flighty ways, -as well as the true love of her life, Luna – her beloved, ornate princess truffle pig that never leaves the fortune tellers side. Some would even go as far as to say that the truffle pig had more of a fashion wardrobe than dear Miss Clair.
Get lost in a tale of witty romance gone amiss and an obscure clairvoyant’s journey deep in the heart of Portland, where there’s always something brewing at the Clair Voyant’s Coffee House.

Author: Sameena Bachmeier, release date 2019.


Endless Adulation by Sameena Bachmeier

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