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~Fresh RDR Buzz: EM Schorb’s “Resurgius”~

Paperback & E-Book available
Paperback & E-Book available

Exciting day! Award-winning author EM Schorb’s latest is hot off the printer from Rainy Day Reads Publishing.. “Resurgius – A sixties sex comedy” is available now #rainydayreadspublishing #emschorb – Visit our online book store and order your copy today.

Cover reveal for July’s Adult comedy “Resurgius” by award winning author E.M. Schorb!

Releasing July 2014 from Rainy Day Reads Publishing Inc.
“Resurgius” by E.M. Schorb (Cover art by Trevor Richardson) Serge Bering-Strait, a young poet who lives with his activist mother and four aunties in a Greenwich Village brownstone, has just gone to work as copywriter for “Women’s Omnibus” magazine. Serge would much rather have remained up in his garret room writing poetry, but his mother, Dagmar, and his Auntie Janet have insisted that it’s high time he got out into the world—it isn’t natural to be a recluse at twenty-three—his Auntie Janet, in fact, has secured the job for Serge by calling in a favor from the editor at “Women’s Omnibus,” Bettina Battle. Ms. Battle, the “Battle of Britain,” as she is often referred to by her underlings, hails from “Swinging London”—the magazine as well as the city. In this New York work-a-day situation of the swinging Sixties, Serge finds himself the object of unwanted sexual advances from his lady boss editor. It is all too upsetting to this young, shy, poet. He has spent his whole life under the thumbs of five very tough, aggressive women and now the additional pressure from Editor Battle, out to deflower him, brings him to a crossroads.


What children’s author & poet X.J. Kennedy is saying already about E.M. Schorb’s latest “Resurgius” -Releasing summer 2014 via Rainy Day Reads Publishing

What people are already saying about “Resurgius”

    “Resurgius is a quietly hilarious read which, unique though it is, strikes me as belonging to the very league as the comic gems of Evelyn Waugh and Nathaniel West.  It abounds in delectable tongue-in-cheek wit. Your price of admission will be richly repaid by the character of Bettina Battle, a woman with all the subtlety of a battering ram, in hot pursuit of sexual satisfaction from Serge, the dorky antihero.  Among its other distinctions, Resurgius is a masterpiece of style, so skillfully written that it would be hard to change a word without a worsening. This comes as no surprise; Schorb for a long while has stood out among our finer poets, with tremendous assets of imagination, powers of invention, and the ability to polish his words to a sheen. This is a book to give to discerning friends, to cherish on a permanent shelf, and to wolf down immediately, being regaled.”


                                                                                    —X.J. Kennedy

-Children’s Author/Poet

Banyan is now available in print

Young Adult historical fiction Banyan by Sameena Bachmeier is now available in not only e-book formats but print as well.

~History can change the shape of our future~

~Wishing for a change in the future can sometimes take you through a journey of the past~  Kannie Irnest had the picture perfect life as a child until her father left her and her mother alone. It wasn’t long before the world as she knew it began unraveling and creating a web of misery around her. Her mother was no longer the loving mother she knew. Bitter and lonely, Kannie sank into a depression. The only joy Kannie seemed to find was with her friend Kristopher. They were like two peas in a pod since a young age and when they were together it was as if the world around them didn’t matter. Mysteriously, one day on Kannie’s way to school, she is given a Banyan tree stick. She learns that it is a wishing stick. Although skeptical, Kannie is desperate to experience a happy life and she wishes on the Banyan stick to be anywhere but in that moment in her life. She awakens everyday thereafter to a different historical event that exposes her to experiences, places and people she had only read about in books. From the Salem Witch trials, to being aboard the infamous Britannic, to taking flight upon the Apollo 11, each journey she embarks on teaches her to believe in herself, forgive others and appreciate the path that lies in front of her. She also now, must embark on her greatest venture yet, finding her way back home.


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